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4Matrix Infinity Setup: General Information and Features
4Matrix Infinity brings the power of 4Matrix to the web. It has been in development for over a year and it allows users to access key features of 4Matrix from anywhere there is an internet connection....
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4Matrix Infinity Setup : Pre-Requisites
  To make the install process as quick and easy as possible, please ensure that the server you wish to install 4Matrix Infin
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4Matrix Infinity Setup: Why can't I login using AD Credentials
1) Please ensure you are running the latest version of Infinity ( You can check for the updates by clicking the "Check For Updates " button in the 4Matrix Network Manager.  2) If the server o...
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4Matrix Infinity Setup: Does Infinity have to be installed on the same server as the 4Matrix database?
No - you do not have to install 4Matrix Infinity on the same server as the 4Matrix database. If you are installing Infinity on a different server, you can download the full installer from
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4Matrix Infinity Setup: Can Infinity be installed on the SIMS Server?
Yes, but it is not recommended. You can install Infinity on a separate server to the 4Matrix database, please see the following article:
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4Matrix Infinity Setup: Which URL should I be using to access 4Matrix Infinity?
1) You can use a url with the school domain by setting up appropriate DNS. 2) An alternative option is that we provide a URL and a SSL certifcate to setup infinity as a Web Application Proxy using the...
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4Matrix Infinity Setup: Can 4Matrix host Infinity for us?
No, but this is considered for future. Please refer to "" for more information.   Article update: 06/12/2018
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4Matrix Infinity Error: Underlying provider failed to open error while logging in
This error might occur if the connection strings are invalid. Please ensure you can connect to the database using the given credentials.
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4Matrix Infinity Tools: Using Global Pupil Filters
Global filters applies to all the pages in 4Matrix Infinity apart from the Seating Plan tool. The Groups Control is divided into 3 separate tabs, depending on the filter type. However, any number of f...
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4Matrix Infinity Tools: Can I export Charts and Grids from 4Matrix Infinity?
Yes - most charts have a small icon in the top right of the chart panel which contains 3 horizontal lines. Selecting this will give options for exporting to PNG, PDF etc.   Most grids/tables have a se...
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4Matrix Infinity Tools: Linking 4Matrix staff tags to user accounts
Staff Tag Management 'Staff Tags' are usually imported via a SIMS or Bromcom data extract into 4Matrix Desktop
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Seating Plans: A Quick Guide
Setting Up By default, Seating Plans will show the linked groups for the current series that the active user is associated with.
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Seating Plans : Target Subject Dropdown is empty/incomplete
Please ensure you have applied the appropriate 'Subject Tag' to your subjects using the client 4Matrix > Admin > Edit Subjects tool. Subject and Staff can be managed in the Admin > Edit Timet...
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