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 How is double/combined Science handled in Progress 8?


Science Double Awards that are included in the EBacc measure can now take up to two slots (use 2 entries in P8), as indicated in the official Progress 8 Technical Guide (link on DfE pages and RaiseOnline).

We have received confirmation from the DfE (dated October 2016) that schools can:

  • Use the Double Science award so that it takes two slots in the EBacc basket (shows as green)

  • Use the Double Science award so that it takes two slots in the Open basket (shows as yellow)

  • Split it so that one grade is used in each of EBacc and Open baskets (shows as half green, half yellow)

  • Let it take one slot in the EBacc and none in the Open basket (half of the cell will show as green)

  • or let it take one slot in the Open and none in EBacc (half of the cell will show as yellow)


It should be noted that split-grades are added together and divided by 2 in order to determine how many points the grade/s are worth. For example, a 5-4 grade will be worth (4+5)/2 = 4.5. This is how much each 'part' of the grade is worth, and so where a 5-4 is split across EBacc and Open, it will be worth 4.5 for each basket. Similarly, where only 1 part of the grade is used overall, it will be worth 4.5.

4Matrix has always been set to handle Double Award Science in the ways described above, depending on what other qualifications the pupil has taken and the grades they have obtained.

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