Customer Information: Update now live (12/11/2019)

This is a significant update, with some new features and fixes. It contains a host of major the provisional 2019 key stage 5 value added coefficients. The full changelog can be downloaded from

Known issues:

We are aware that some users are having trouble applying this update, please see before logging a ticket. Other reported issues:

1) Importing into a custom field doesn't work and the data is not imported (workaround is to enter the values in relevant column in Edit Pupils)

2) If any pupils have a grade of N in the Edit Markbook, Pupil Display won't print for that pupil

 Why does double/combined science not register as 2 entries?


4Matrix has never registered double/triple grades as being worth 2 or more entries, even in pre-2014 measures before weight and points capping. But, you will find that it registers as 2 (or 3) under the Weighted category on the Press Release (legacy version), and specifically for Science, double/combined science will register as 2 sciences on the Science section. The weighted entries count has been removed for the new (December 2016) version.

Please see for more information.

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