Progress 8: Can I see an individual pupil's subject Progress 8 score?

No - although we calculate this behind the scenes in order to calculate the subject's Progress 8 score, a pupil's subject score is hidden from the display as it would make the grid unmanageable. 

We plan to work on some improvements to the Progress 8 tool and add additional features to this in early 2019 and these figures may be included at this time.

In the meantime, it is possible to calculate them manually in the following way:

1) In 4Matrix, open the Progress 8 tool

2) Select the Progress Columns option (top right of main grid)

3) Toggle both 'Targets & Points' and 'Average Filled Entries'

4) Go to File (top left) and export to Excel

5) In Excel, first look to the EBacc basket and the 'Target Points' and 'EBacc Avg Entries' columns, and add an extra column next to these

6) Divide 'Target Points' by 'EBacc Avg Entries' to get the target points for all EBacc subjects (i.e. if a pupil's target points are 12 and the average national slots filled is 2, 12 / 2 = 6, so 6 becomes the target points for all sciences, languages and humanities)

7) Now work out the difference between a pupil's points in any EBacc subject vs the Target. Using the example above, if we see that this pupil has 7 points in Geography, they will have a subject Progress 8 score of +1 (7 - 6 = 1)

8) You can now repeat the exercise from step 5 for the Open Basket subjects


Note that the overall subject Progress 8 scores in 4Matrix include all grades in the subject (even if they are not used in the main Progress 8 calculation) and we use the basket score that the subject would naturally fall into, rather than where it actually counts i.e. if a pupil's Geography grade was used in the Open basket due to 3 higher grades for EBacc, the Geography subject Progress 8 score is actually based on the EBacc target points.

More information on how 4Matrix calculate subject Progress 8 scores is included in the Key Stage 4 Application guide which is accessible via the Help tab in 4Matrix.