Bromcom Extract error at Date Selection

If you get an error when using the Bromcom Extract tool, after supplying your log in details and reaching the date selection stage, this is most likely due to invalid permissions.

> In Bromcom, go to the Roles and Permissions display (this might be located by clicking the 3 lines in the top right and going to Settings)

> Select the role name and click Edit

> Expand System Security and enable 'Third party access permissions and logs' (if not already ticked)


Make sure that it has the following 3rd party access rights ticked:


  • Attendances
  • CandidateNonEDIResults
  • CandidateResults
  • Candidates
  • CollectionAssociates
  • CollectionExecutives
  • CollectionHierarchy
  • Collections
  • CollectionTypes
  • Ethnicities
  • ExamOptions
  • Languages
  • Locations
  • PersonPhotos
  • PupilPremiums
  • PupilPremiumCalculated
  • Seasons
  • SENStudents
  • Series
  • Staff
  • StudentCorrespondences
  • StudentLearning
  • StudentLearningAims
  • StudentMeals
  • Students
  • Timetable


After confirming all the above, try the extract again and contact us if it continues to fail.