Customer Information: Update now live (11/10/2019)

This is a particularly significant update. It contains a host of major new features and several improvements, including the provisional 2019 Attainment 8 Estimates. The full changelog can be downloaded from Known issues - Please do not log a ticket if your issue is listed here (24/10/2019)

1) Importing data into an existing series causes an error on completing the import (workaround = import into new series)

2) Key Stage 5 Subject Value Added charts not populating with pupils

3) Importing a Missing Qualification causes an error and fails

4) Using the Set Prior Attainment Band option in Edit Markbook for current Y11 is not working as expected

 Changing a grade/result for a pupil doesn't seem to stick


If you find that making a change in any of the Admin tools (such as Edit Results) doesn't seem to stick, it may mean that you need to restart the 4Matrix database. For example, if changing a grade for a pupil to an A from a B in Edit Results doesn't seem to apply when looking at Results Overview, and on going back to Edit results, it has reverted back to a B grade. 

Your IT dept should be able to do this using the 4Matrix Network Manager Database tools; Set Database Offline and Set Database Online.

This problem may also apply to importing series, in that after completing an import, the new series does not seem to exist. 

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