Accessing 4Matrix from Outside of School (14/07/2020)

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In-light of the current situation, we are extending the free-use period of 4Matrix Infinity for all schools until September 2020.

Import Fixes (14/07/2020)

Error 1: An error occurs when attempting to import data via a spreadsheet into an existing series in which results have already been imported.

Error 2: The Bromcom Extract fails on supplying Bromcom login details.

Please visit for details on applying a fix.

 How do I remove a pupil from a series?


It is possible to simply remove a pupil from analysis in the active series by marking them as 'Off Roll' using Admin > Edit Pupils, select the pupil and go to Actions > Mark as Off Roll.

Alternatively, you can remove them from a series, or all series, using Actions > Delete Pupil. A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to remove them from the active series only or all series.

In situations where a pupil has left the school but is included in older series, we recommend keeping them in the older series because it is a record of whole-school performance from that moment in time.

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