Import Fixes (14/07/2020)

Error 1: An error occurs when attempting to import data via a spreadsheet into an existing series in which results have already been imported.

Error 2: The Bromcom Extract fails on supplying Bromcom login details.

Please visit for details on applying a fix.

 Can I add a subject manually without importing it?


Yes, although this is only recommended when adding 1 subject and a handful of grades as the normal import process will be a quicker option.

Go to Admin > Edit Subjects. 

In the subject panel on the left, click [+ Add] at the top.

Choose the correct key stage.

A dialogue will appear asking you to name you subject and map it to a qualification. You can search by QAN here, as you would in the import mapping process. Once you have completed this step the subject will appear in the 'Other Series' section of your subjects lists as there are no grades assigned to it at the moment.

Go to Admin > Edit results

In the top right, click [Show Subject]. Choose your new subject.

It will appear in the grid as the last subject in the list. Add any grades for pupils that are required.

Next time you open this tool, the subjects will appear in alphabetical order. 

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