Arbor Extract Tool Now Available! (07/01/2021)

We are pleased to confirm that an Arbor Data Extract Tool is now available to 4Matrix schools.
If your school uses Arbor and you would like to use this new feature, please follow these steps.
You may need your IT Team to help with the above task if you do not have write permission over the 4Matrix folder. The files only need to be added to the member of staff’s PC which will be used to run the Arbor Extract. It will not affect other users or the usual update process.
1. Go to the following link to download a version of 4Matrix which contains the Arbor Extract tool:
2. Make sure 4Matrix is closed. Unzip the downloaded file and copy all the extracted files into the 4Matrix folder on your PC, which will most likely be C:\Program Files (x86)\4Matrix
3. Go to and login using your Arbor credentials.
4. Press 'Approve' to grant the connection between 4Matrix and Arbor.
If you see an error message saying you are not authorised to approve apps, it is because only members of SLT and the school admin team can approve the connection.
5. Go to and log a ticket to notify us that you are ready for the final part of the setup and include your name and phone number.
6. 4Matrix will aim to contact you within 2 hours of the notification and will assist you in completing the details in the 4Matrix > Admin > School Settings tool with the school’s Arbor URL and a unique API key. 
If you are unable to complete the above for any reason, the Arbor extract will be included in 4Matrix update which is due for release this Spring. Once the update is applied, users who have not installed the temporary build (above) will still require support to complete the API Key setup and we will post again to confirm this information as and when the update becomes available.
Article revised: 07/01/2021