Error: 4Matrix already contains entries for some subjects / Multiple Entries

If the SIMS or Bromcom extract produces multiple results for the same subject, or if you’re adding results to a series containing early entries, you will see a prompt like the one shown below.

You must identify which grade you wish to use for each pupil. There are 2 ways to do this. The first is to select the grade for each pupil individually, per subject. Expand the subject by clicking the small arrow to the left of the subject name, and the pupils will appear underneath. Then use the tick boxes to select the desired grades.

The second option is to use the Most Recent, Best or First Result for an entire subject.  Click the subject in the list on the left and choose either the First or Best Result option to the right. Note that it might take up to 1 minute for the relevant grades to be selected. Repeat for all subjects with duplicate results. 

Remember to choose the result that corresponds to how you wish 4Matrix to handle your results for the series, particularly consider the DfE early entry discounting rules. At Step 1 of the import process, if you chose ‘First Entry – All Subjects’, choose the corresponding ‘First Result’ in this dialogue.


Article revised: 10/06/2019